This depends on the type of engagement and participation in 4MOST and the corresponding  level of access to different data products at different stages of 4MOST operations. In general, data access will be structured around internal and public data releases. Internal data releases will occur on a 3-monthly timescale, and will include both Level 1 (1D reduced and calibrated spectra) and Level 2 (science analysis of 1D spectra) products.

The latest set of L1 data will be available to the analysis pipelines every day, after having been checked and processed following the transfer of the full night of observations to the processing centre.

Public releases of L1 and L2 data products will be published by the 4MOST Public Archive (4PA) as well as by ESO's Science Archive Facility. The exact release schedule has not yet been fixed, but the expectation is that public data releases will occur annually, with some as yet undefined lag between L1 data and L2 data products.