Many different types of data will be produced at different levels of 4MOST operations. These include but are not limited to:

  • The target lists that are used to prepare Observation Blocks (OBs), which are the basic unit of observation. These OBs will contain observing templates that initiate a sequence of pre-defined observations with the instrument.
  • Each OB will generate one or several raw FITS frames containing calibration and science data which will be produced at the telescope together with associated quality tables - Level 0 (L0) data.
  • The Level 1 (L1) pipeline will use L0 data to produce 1 dimensional, calibrated, science-ready spectra. L1 data will include unstacked spectra and spectra stacked per OB when applicable.
  • The Level 2 (L2) pipelines will use L1 data to derive astrophysical parameters. 

More details can be found on the 4MOST Website.

The publicly available 4MOST Public Archive (4PA) will include the above together with all ancillary photometric catalogues which will be used to cross reference with the 4MOST observations.