1001MCThe 4MOST Magellanic Clouds Survey
4CP4MOST Classification Pipeline
4FS4MOST Facility Simulator
4GP4MOST Galactic Pipeline - The analysis pipeline for all stellar sources
4MOST Milky way Disk And BuLgE - The collective name given to the 4MOST surveys of the Galaxy's disk and bulge region, known separately as 4MIDABLE-LR (S3, using the low-resolution spectrographs) and 4MIDABLE-HR (S4, using the high-resolution spectrograph).
4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope. 4MOST is also the collective name of the surveys planned using the 4MOST instrument.
4SP4MOST Selection Functions Pipeline - The pipeline to produce the various selection functions of the resulting 4MOST data.
4XP4MOST eXtragalactic Pipeline - The analysis pipeline for galaxies and other extragalactic sources.